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Ancient Chinese Stove

This is a beautiful Ancient Chinese Stove that features a mary patterned animal bed, it is fabricated of cast iron and is about 15" tall and imparts an 13" diameter at the top. This Stove is superb for cooking on.

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The Ancient Chinese Stove was used for cooking and cooking food, it had two burning power where the pot and the tank could hold water. The pot was probably large and deepened by the time it held water, the tank was perhaps small and deep with a small water content. The pot was large and had a high water content, it is possible that the pot and tank were welded together. The pot had a hinge, because it was metal, the Ancient Chinese Stove may have been used for heating the home as well. This Ancient Chinese Stove is a rare model with a fish bowl and han dyn, it is probably used for cooking. It is produced in a shiny dlc-coated kitchen this Ancient Chinese Stove is a model from the han dynasty, which refers to the time of the dynasty, it is a green glazed pottery stove, and is model:#101. It was made in the early 1800 and is over 100 years old! This old-school engine-powered Stove is fantastic for cooking up a batch of cooking rice or beans, it is a censer-less Stove with a green glaze pottery finish. The body is lined with carbon black and the top extends a thin coat of paint, the Stove grants an average age of it is currently in good condition with few relics of use. It is currently warm in temperature.