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Caboose Stove

This steam locomotive-based stove is a major piece of american history with its days as a working steam locomotive on the tracks of the spcr over the air at the time. The smoke from the locomotive wouldami fires the ovens in the home's kitchen and make food items available to eat. The locomotive also played a major role in the smoke from the home's ovens creating an estate-based smoky kitchen. The locomotive is now a tourist attraction with its original engine and smoke still visible in the air. The steam locomotive stove is available for purchase at the market.

Rio Grande Models Ltd. #3352 Caboose Stove, NOS

Railroad Stove

Railroad stove: the railroad stove is a great addition to your kitchen! It is easy to use and can be set in just about any way you want. You can have it heated with a cold water stream, or heated with heat. It is also easy to clean, so you can get rid of all the dirt and dust that may have build up on it. Not to mention, it's really simple to use, so you'll be able to get good at this right away!

Caboose Wood Stove

This caboose wood stove is a excellent selection for an old-fashioned, thermal world of ours. It's a storybook experience, starting with the caboose, pulled by two horses, down a dirt road to our old coal mine. (this is how the caboose got its name - it was the first train to deliver coal to our mine. ) once in the mine, the days were just about to start when we had to leave the coal for the night. So, we started the day with a good labours, and the caboose was on the way. It took us about four days to get down to the mine, and we could have stayed for weeks if we wanted. The coal was just too darned rare to find at a price we could afford. But we didn't want to stop at the mine, we wanted to go even further down. This vintage caboose stove is a great way to have a warm home meal of some kind every time you turn on the stove. It's easy to accesssee and make decisions quickly, and the coal is always fresh so you can stay warm. This is a fine antique caboose railroad wood and coal stove from estate 249 from 1912. This stove is invery good condition with no mortal damage. This stove is from the time period when the caboose was a popular train on the american train, and was used to cook their food. This caboose stove is very good in terms of size, being small and thin, and is only 1-1/2 inches tall. It is also well-made, being made from early 20th century wood and coal. this railroad wood stove is abest of all the ones we have! It is a beautiful addition to any home it's for sure! The coal is always need to be burning in it so that is perfect for on-the-go cooking or heating the house up! The built in coal fire is perfect for watching tv or relaxing in front of the fire! The ac unit is fast and easy to use so no complaints there! The only downside is that it can be a bit noisy when it is cold outside but that's to be expected in a old train!