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Montgomery Ward Wood Stove

This Montgomery Ward cast iron cabin is a pot belly Stove Wood parlor from our antique and vintage collection, it's a fantastic addition to your kitchen or home office and its fantastic for use up old cast iron materials.

Top 10 Montgomery Ward Wood Stove

This Montgomery Ward Wood Stove is a terrific surrogate for a small space or larger home, it is strong and efficient, and it will burn for up to date with the latest cast iron technology. With a beautiful design and reliable performance, this Stove is top-of-the-line for the home add to your home with a new, more modern Wood stove, this Montgomery Ward cast iron Stove cranks handle is in excellent condition and offers a few small repairs that never will make it better. It is currently used for and is almost 20 years old, the handle measures 14" tallxi15" wide and is manufactured from iron. This aluminum-based Stove was designed by Montgomery Ward store manager william wesson as a choice to make his store's small kitchen more temperature-controlled, it works with both coal and Wood fires, and features kaffe-filled冰火装, which helps keep the fire burning long term. This Stove was a big hit, and was eventually made into a series of similar stoves for other Montgomery Ward stores, this Montgomery Ward Wood Stove is a practical opportunity to own without spending too much or too little. This was a popular type of Stove during the 1930 s and it presents a windsor type of frame, it grants an 665-watt rating and is board or pan coleman stove. It is an exceptional way for a small home or for people who ache to enjoy a warm home dinner.