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Restaurant Stove

The Restaurant Stove we have at our store is the imperial ir-6-e-c 36 electric Restaurant range, it offers an electric read out method, so you can your charges and/or serve your guests easily. Also grants a temperature sensitive indicator to let you know when it's time to power off.

Industrial Gas Stove

The imperial ir-10-su 60 gas Restaurant range is unrivalled for industrial and commercial applications, this range comes with an imperial ir-10-su 60 gas valve and an imperial ir-10-su 60 sales valve. This type of range allows for an ample supply of gas to be bole the fired up cooking area, the imperial ir-10-su 60 gas range also renders a mezzanine that can accommodate larger cooking areas. The imperial ir-4-g24-xb gas Stove price is going to be expensive, there are other Stove prices higher than this one, but this one is still some distance away from the rest. This Stove is still going to be expensive, the d-s series gas ovens are excellent for any type of restaurant. With one standard oven and 6 burners, these ovens can easily handle the work life of a full kitchen, the d-s series is also with the series of providing a straightforward and convenient alternative to cook. This 4 burner gas Stove is top-notch for a small kitchen, it is straightforward to operate with standard and offers 36 gas burners. The Stove also features full standard and technology for straightforward temperature control, this Stove is sterling for cooking up a big batch of baking cookies or bread while being straightforward to operate and straightforward to maintain.