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Solo Stove Bonfire

The solo stove stainless steel yukon stand is perfect for your solo stove. This stand helps keep your stove normal and safe, while burning firewood. The yukon stand is made from stainless steel for long lasting performance and an easy to maneuver.

Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand Bundle
Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Shield

Top 10 Solo Stove Bonfire

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Cheap Solo Stove Bonfire

The solo stove bonfire and stand fire pit is a great addition to any kitchen. This bonfire grill can be used for a variety of fires, from cook fires to also be used as a stand for strong drinks. The stainless steel design is perfect for any kitchen with a small space. this is a new open box solo stove bonfire stand. It is a great way to fire up your stove and have it close to you. The stand is made of stainless steel and it is easy to take on and off. It is also easy to clean. this stainless steel bonfire is perfect for your solo stove. It is 19. The wood burning fire pit has a 21inh x 14inw area. The bonfire is clamped with a 24inh x 24inw grate. This grate is also the perfect size for your standard macerator or wok. The bonfire has a 3-meter height refund. this is a new and unique solo stove bonfire fire pit that can be used for storage or to use as an open-air oven. The 14 inch height and 19. 5 inch diameter make it the perfect size for use as a private garden or backyard fire pit.