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Vestal Wood Stove

This sweet-swamp old fashion oven is top for cooking up a storm, the cast iron grates help keep food from sticking to the pan and the small stove-top Stove is sterling for small apartments or houses. This Vestal Wood Stove is in like manner sensational for thanksgiving dinner-yum.

Vestal Wood Burning Stove

This Vestal 6 cast iron Wood Stove flue pipe damper insert is sensational for a strong, fire, the damper insert ensures that the fire is controlled and that food can be prepared quickly and easily. This Stove is an excellent way for folks who adore sweetwater tractors, it is . Oven that features a Stove top, this station. Features an oven that is large and can accommodate small baking cookies, the oven. Is made, of cast iron and . Made to resist, the stove. Made in, sweetwater, tennessee. This Vestal Wood Stove presents an 8 cast iron Wood Stove flue pipe damper insert, this damper insert is used to help keep the heat in or out of the stove. The damper insert is fabricated of heavy cast iron and imparts a smooth feel to it, it is conjointly made of wood. This cast iron Vestal Wood Stove tool lid lifter is in excellent condition with no marks or damage, it is included in the package. This tool is used to lift the coal from the oven or Stove top, the ash shaker is included to test the coal and to make sure there is no coal dust or other allergens. The shaker is fabricated of heavy cast iron and is odium ash.