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Westinghouse Stove

This Westinghouse Stove imparts an ignitable material which allows the user to set the temperature, the Stove also offers a forestage which helps to keep the heat from pushing the cookware out of the way. The oven is connected to the Stove with an adapter, the Stove extends a wattage of about 15.

Westinghouse Stove Ebay

This Westinghouse automatic electric oven is a very early type of oven that is patented on april 27 1920, it is fabricated out of old world materials and gives a very simple design. This oven is an unequaled value for the money, its low price for the quality of the oven, this Westinghouse Stove is a classic. It is a heavy-duty range that should last for years of use, it features a black finish that will look good any place you go. It renders a heavy-duty cordura board cover that will protect it from damage, and its top-notch features and quality make it a top-of-the-heap value. The Westinghouse Stove is a popular design that uses an electrolux model, this range is equipped with an ignition kit with a nwc-5303935066. The kit allows the user to set the oven to work up to date, and can also control the heat that is burned in the stove, this vintage electric appliance range is from an 40 s house. It is a splendid opportunity to burners and a-la-carte ovens, the model number is 40 and it is a four-burner range. It is in first-rate condition with no issues.